July 2021

Our new paper, examining effects of advice on subsequent learning in adolescents and adults, was published in the Journal of Experimental Child Psychology! Data and analysis code are available on OSF.

September 2020

Our new paper is published in PLOS Computational Biology. We examined how adolescents and adults adjust their learning and choice strategies over time, based on changes in uncertainty. Our findings suggest that adolescents overestimate the rate of environmental change, resulting in elevated learning rates and increased exploration. Data and modeling code can be found on OSF.

September 2019

Leonie’s paper, showing that conditioned versus socially instructed
expectations modulate pain via separate brain systems, was
published today in Nature Communications!

Check out Jessica’s new paper in the Journal of Mathematical
Psychology, proposing a hierarchical Bayesian method to dissociate learning and guessing processes during reinforcement learning!

January 2019

Our paper on the detection of decision strategies using Bayesian
latent-mixture modeling is published in Computational Brain & Behavior!

October 2018

Our new paper on the mechanisms underlying self-reinforcing
expectations in the pain domain is published in Nature Human
Behaviour! The data and modeling code can be found on OSF. Also see the nice comment by Katja Wiech.

August 2018

Our paper about the role of the noradrenergic and cholinergic
systems in belief updating is accepted in the Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience!

March 2018
Our symposium How motivational and learning processes shape pain and avoidance was accepted for the ESCAN meeting in Leiden (19-22 July 2018).

February 2018
I moved to the University of Amsterdam to investigate reinforcement learning and decision making processes, and how these change during development, together with Hilde Huizenga and others!

March 2017
Our symposium Dillemas in the face of uncertainty: Computational
approaches to adaptive behavior
 is accepted for the ICON meeting in Amsterdam (5-8 August 2017)

February 2017
Our review on the effects of instructions on pain, emotion, and
affective learning is accepted for publication:
Koban, L., Jepma, M., Geuter, S., Wager, T.D. (in press). What’s in a word? How instructions, suggestions, and social information change pain and emotion. Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews.

October 2016
Our paper examining the role of the human catecholamine systems in learning rate regulation is accepted for publication:
Jepma, M., Murphy, P., Nassar, M.R., Rangel-Gomez, M., Meeter, M., Nieuwenhuis, S. (2016). Catecholaminergic regulation of learning rate in a dynamic environment. PLOS Computational Biology, 12(10): e1005171

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